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Florida’s Coastal Cities Rebuild

ft-peirce-floridaIn 2004, hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne ravaged many of Florida’s coastal cities. These hurricanes destroyed houses, cities, and took the lives of many. The devastation and lives lost will never be forgotten. Some cities have struggled to get back on their feet, while others have be able to use this as an opportunity to build new, more durable infrastructure.

Since 2004 Fort Pierce real estate has been working to rebuild and update it’s infrastructure. The Sunshine City has built a new state of the art dock system. This new system is the first in the state to be named Eco-friendly. It has a state of the art Storm Protection System and improved yacht navigation. The dock includes all amenities one would have at home such as, WiFi, laundry facilities, showers, and a bar.

The marina is centrally located and is only a short walk to shopping, restaurants, theaters, and museums. It is also only a short distance to the Bahamas, making this dock a perfect location to store and launch your boat. The Fort Pierce inlet was recently named the “Best all weather inlet on the East Coast”. The inlet and surrounding Indian River Lagoon area provide easy access to snorkeling, fishing, day-long trips.

The hurricanes in 2004 cost cities and families millions of dollars and worse, claimed the lives of many. The damage is extensive enough to still be seen and felt today. Fort Pierce is leading the way with new technology and safer systems. The marina’s new docks were opened on the first of May and featured 127 new slips and an island system to protect them.

Lakefront Real Estate in Tahoe

123635_0Looking for a home can turn to be a real challenge. In fact, making the right choice about what type of property you should buy can take some serious brooding, even if it is only a vacation home you are looking for. The task can turn out to be particularly challenging if you have set yourself out to look for a home in such a beautiful setting as the Lake Tahoe area.

Lake Tahoe: What you should know

Geography: Situated both in Nevada and in California, Lake Tahoe offers the suitable natural environment for hundreds of species to live and grow: trees, herbs and wildlife nature coexist in harmony in an unusually unpolluted setting. The fact that the lake is centrally-situated makes it possible for many people to own a lakefront property. Call it a dream home, or the best vacation alternative, this new property may be the beginning of a new lifestyle.

Weather Conditions: If you are looking for a vacation home, you should know that summers in Tahoe are generally warm and sunny. Winters on the other hand are way beyond chilly, with heavy snowfalls. If you are planning to spend Christmases in Tahoe, you should be made aware that warm clothing is vital. When it comes to choosing a home, all homes offered at Homes at Tahoe have been fully equipped in order to face harsh winters near the lake with a combination of traditional heating methods, like fireplaces; or central heating.

Facilities and Entertainment: It is a well-known fact that Americans love being close to water, even in the wintertime! One of the perks of owning a vacation home in Tahoe is that you will not only have quick access to all sorts of water sports, but to other types of sporting activities as well. Conveniently located near amazing ski resorts, bird-watching and sightseeing areas, lakefront homes in Tahoe are unusually attractive. But it is not only outdoor fun for locals and visitors, just a few minutes away from your new attractive lakefront home, you can find 24-hour casinos, the best available cuisine, shopping facilities, golf courses and all kind of nightlife entertainment.

Finding the Experts

Even if there are many real estate opportunities all around the Lake Tahoe area, not all realtors have been properly trained to offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. Prospective home-owners need solid advice and the best real estate offer. Agents at Homes at Tahoe are perfectly able to provide this service. They not only possess the most complete MLS, but also provide the widest array of post-purchase services, as far as construction materials are concerned. Since Century 21 Tahoe Paradise Realty has such a vast property offer, shoppers are more likely to find just the thing they have been looking for.

Homes for Sale in Tahoe

Many people get the wrong impression about lakefront homes: they believe that only log cabins or sturdy rock homes are the only choice. However, it will surprise many shoppers to know that thanks to the latest development in technology, mountain homes are what they used to be.